Financing A Manufactured Home Is Easier Than You Think

Craftsman Homes realizes that when it comes to buying a home not everyone is the same. This is why we try to provide our clients with options to choose from when it comes to finding the right loan for your housing project. We can put you in touch with lenders offering programs such as:

  • Low Deposit Amounts
  • Low Interest, fixed 30-year loans
  • First Time Home buyers incentives
  • No Credit Programs
  • Buy for programs
  • Self employed programs
  • Land in lieu programs
  • Construction Loan programs
  • USDA, FHA, and VA programs
  • Many other programs updated on a regular basis

Whether one of these options appeals to you, you might have something else in mind or you would like to speak with someone about specific lending options available to you. Craftsman Homes can provide you with three professional and expert options for you to consider when finding a loan for you new modular/manufactured home. Feel free to contact one of the trusted lenders listed on the right and let them know you found them at

Already have your loan in place? Not to worry. Craftsman Homes has experience dealing with many lending agencies. We are more than welcome to work with whom ever you choose to get your loan through and our professional courteous staff will make sure we work as a team to make your new dream home a reality.