Built For Life, Designed For You

Fleetwood Homes has always been known for meeting and exceeding the demands of its customers. That means building the highest quality homes, utilizing the latest technologies, focusing on energy efficiency, and backing our product with outstanding service and warranty protection. But building a rock-solid manufactured home is just the first step in creating a home that you love to call your own. That's why we put such a major emphasis on manufactured home decor. Because we believe form is just as important as function, we offer the very best design and decor options to let you customize your home, from floor to ceiling. Below you'll find a manufactured home decor board broken into option categories. Click on the tabs to see what options are available for that category, and select the one that's right for you. When you're finished, you can see your entire selection under the "Final Selection" tab. Then, feel free to print this page or save a screenshot, then just bring it to your local Fleetwood Homes retailer and they'll take it from there.


SW-0053 Porcelain
SW-7004 Snowbound
SW-0055 Light French Gray
SW-6234 Uncertain Gray
SW-7529 Sand Beach
SW-7515 Homestead Brown
SW-6207 Retreat
SW-6236 Grays Harbor
SW-7076 Cyberspace
Repose Gray
Tossed Patch Silver
Cooper Mineral
Cotton Club Alpaca
Solaris Sandbar
Kismet Cashmere
Live Wire II Landing 00713
Live Wire II Side Iron 00510
Mantra Solid Baled Hay 00200
Mantra Solid Ginger Snap 00702
Mantra Solid Hemp 00701
Mantra Solid Pine Cone 00704
Mantra Solid Rock Ridge 00500
Mantra Solid Spanish Grey 00510
Mantra Solid Truffle 00700
Mantra Solid Wood Smoke 00703
Mantra Tweed Sweet Butter 00132
Mantra Tweed Toast 00732
Mantra Tweed Warm Sand 00230
Mantra Tweed Washed Silk 00131
Macramé Angora 00100
Macramé Brindle 00300
Macramé Cloud Burst 00502
Macramé Coconut Shell 00704
Macramé Hickory Bark 00703
Macramé Mushroom Cap 00702
Macramé Peat 00706
Macramé Pumice Stone 00500
Macramé Rainy Day 00501
Macramé Sand Dollar 00101
Macramé Sesame 00102
Macramé Shopping Bad 00700
Macramé Spice Wood 00600
Macramé Tahoe 00701
Macramé Truffle 00705
Go Softly Iced Coffee 00723
Go Softly Kodiak Bear 00710
Go Softly Natural Wheat 00701
Go Softly Pueblo 00740
Go Softly Riverbank 00770
Go Softly Travertine 00702
Go Softly Twig 00730
Go Softly Warm Oatmeal 00722
Go Softly Wheat 00250
DF9656 Natural
DF9630 Café Au Lait
DF9592 Woodland
DF9585 Glacier
DF9510 Pacific Crest
DF9591 Wild Dove
Raised Panel - MDF Coffee Cherry
Raised Panel - MDF Rochester Maple
Raised Panel - H/W Knotty Alder
Raised Panel - H/W Mesquite
Shaker Door - H/W Coffee Cherry
Shaker Door - H/W Fleetwood White
Shaker Door - H/W Gray Grooves
4987K-07 Leche Vesta
7500-58 Noir Envision
5010K-21 Drama Marble
9497-34 Silver Quartzite
Mocha Fantastico
Antique Marula Pine
River Gold (Upgrade)
Fantasy Marble (Upgrade)
Quartzite Bianco (Upgrade)
Cloe – White (2.5” x 8”) - no photo
Cloe – Black (2.5” x 8”) - no photo
Torcello Bianco (4” x 12”)
Marbre Grey Brilliant (4” x 12”)
Urbano Warm Concrete (4” x 12”)
Marbre Brune Brilliant (4” x 12”)
Privado Silver Mosaic (Upgrade)
Privado White Mosaic (Upgrade)
Summer Wheat
Cascade Slate
SW-7004 Snowbound
SW-0055 Light French Gray
SW-6234 Uncertain Gray
SW-7529 Sand Beach
SW-7515 Homestead Brown
SW-6207 Retreat
SW-6236 Grays Harbor
SW-7076 Cyberspace
Heritage Pine
Artisan Homestead (Upgrade Barnwood)
Winchester Gray
Dual Black
Weathered Wood
Metal – Green
Metal – Blue
Metal – Red
Metal – Galvanized
OTR WP WMH32519HZ - Stainless
CT WP WMC30516HZ - Stainless
WP WDF520PADM - Stainless
Gas S/C WP WFG540H0ES - Stainless
Gas S/C WP WFG550S0HZ - Stainless
Wall Oven Electric 27" S/C WP WOS51EC7AS - Stainless
Wall Oven Electric Double 27" S/C WP WOD51EC7AS - Stainless
Cooktop Electric S/T WP W5CE3024XS - Stainless
WP 28.0CF WRS588FIHZ - SXS Stainless
WP 25.0CF WRF555SDFZ - FD Stainless